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SpliceAPP! Web server to predict splicing errors of human mutations
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Bioinformatics Apps! ex: RNA Analyzer, Variant filter...
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Protein Folder! Web server for protein structure prediction



Experimental Design

Statistical Consultation

Software/Database Support

Routine Analysis

Genome Assembly

Genome Variant Calling

Bulk RNA-Seq

Single-Cell RNA-Seq

Methylation (BS-Seq)

ChIP-Seq and ATAC-Seq

Protein structure prediction

Functional enrichment

Custom Analysis

Custom NGS Analyses

Functional Analysis

Proteomics Analysis

Metabolomics Analysis

Protein Structural Analysis

Image Analysis



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4. Yeh, C.W., et al., The C-degron pathway eliminates mislocalized proteins and products of deubiquitinating enzymes. Embo Journal, 2021.



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